Desune Academy School 14

Desune Academy School 14 is an extremely niche genre spanning animated webseries that has nineteen volumes (seasons) and a planned next generation show. Whether the next generation show was ever created and is simply unreleased is unknown. This anime is highly influential though not very well known, due to the fact it has never been translated from Japanese until recently, and has presumably all online copies have been deleted by it's creators. Popular tropes such as the love interest becoming the moon and it was a dream all along are just few things that supposedly can be accredited to this show. In fact so many tropes and pop culture items can be supposedly accredited to this show that a popular fandom phrase is "Desune Academy School 14 did it first."

According to creators Ahmed Kingsley and Katherine Watts, they first came up with their revolutionary ideas for Desune Academy School 14 during a pizza fueled study session for their college midterms. It was originally intended as a parody of anime tropes, but the plot quickly grew beyond that. They thought very little of it until graduation, when they decided to go ahead and animate it. The show would run for a total of nineteen volumes, and developed a very small but devoted following.

Plot Summary:

Desune Academy School 14 follows the adventures of Kamigawa Ucheniki, a high school senior with the power to manifest people from his imagination into reality. He spends many of the early volumes learning to control this power, and using it to get himself into comical situations, often involving his harem of female love interests.

Throughout the course of the series he learns valuable live lessons, defeats villains, and starts a superhero academy.


After Volume 19 wrapped up the main plot, the web page the series was on was deleted, presumably by the creators. Their reasons for doing so are unknown. Whatever the reason may be, they have been adamant about keeping it down, copyright striking the few Youtube channels who attempt to reupload parts of the series.



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